Corn: Wisconsin as many stated in the mid-west are known for their corn, for the rest of the people here it goes how to buy good sweet corn.

  • Buy corn still in the husk — it quickly loses flavor without it.

  • The husk should be green and snug with fresh–looking amber silk.

  • When buying corn, simply run your hand along the ear and feel for firmness without tearing back the husk

Tomatoes: All over the country, even on people back yards, Americans are growing tomatoes

but those in the crowded apt, in the big cities, here is how to buy good tomatoes.

  • Look for firm and brightly colored tomatoes that are well-shaped for their variety.

  • There’s no excuse for pink tomatoes in August — go for the tomato gusto this month.

  • And, never refrigerate a tomato — leave it out at room temperature for best texture and flavor

Peaches: For those far from the south, that still like the sweet flavor of peaches here is how to buy good peaches.

  • Peaches do not ripen off the vine, but they will get softer.

  • If your peach is hard, leave it at room temperature for a couple of days, and then refrigerate.

  • Look for freestone peaches (the pit comes out easily) for poaching, pies and cobblers.

My favorite Clam Shower is Manhattan’s Clam Shower. it is lighter not a heave creamy soup.

for those that haven’t have the pleasure of eating Manhattan’s Clams showers.

I don’t know if this is the original recipe but this is my version of Manhattan Clam shower

  1. In a heavy sauce-pot I usually used a cast iron pot render salt pork until just crisp.

  2. Saute finely chopped onion in rendered pork fat until tender. (discard the salt port before saute the onions)

  3. Add potatoes (cut potatoes in small squares) and cover with clam juice. Bring to a boil and let simmer until potatoes are soft. add celery chop tomatoes Season with salt and pepper. I also ass a small bottle of clamatoes juices. cover and let simmer.

  4. In a separate pot, fitted with a steamer basket, or a colander, bring to boil

  5. Add clams and steam for three minutes or until they are all open.

  6. Ladle into a warm bowl, and garnish with steamed clams, and parsley, I like using cilantro.


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